1970s floor lamp by Cosack leuchten Germany. It has a heavy steel base with a plexiglass tube. Inside the tube there is a rubber flexible inner tube. By pulling out the inner tube you can adjust the reach and angle of the chromed shade. Unextended it measures 140cm in height. The inner tube extends about 88cm. The lamp is still in very good condition with some slight user marks. 


H. 140cm

ø. 30cm

Space age design floor lamp. It has a very heavy base with a large plexiglass shade mounted on an articulated arm. When turned outwards it measures 140cm in depth. 


Designer: Elio Martinelli 

Maker: Martinelli Luce

Origin: Italy

Period: 1960-1970


ø. 54cm

H. 120cm

D. 140cm

Rare space age design floor lamp. Model "Cube" (or Helvetica when produced by Koch and Lowy). The cube is made from metal. It has 5 concave plastic disks that make it look like it has a globe inside the cube. It stands on 4 thin metal legs. The lamp is in good condition with the original plug. Only the wiring and switch have been renewed. No damage to the plastic. No dents. Some paint loss on the body.


Designer: Carl Moor

Maker: BAG Turgi (Koch and Lowy in the USA)

Origin: Switzerland

Period: 1960-1970


W. 40cm

D. 40cm

H. 60cm

Space age design floor lamp. It has a heavy base made from open structured Travertin and 3 curved and adjustable arms. The lamp is in good working condition with some light oxidation on the chrome. 


Origin: Italy

Period: 1960-1970



H. 170cm

W. 75cm

D. 70cm

Space age aluminium pendant lamp. It has a UFO shaped shade with a plastic diffuser..

Designer: Ejnar B. Mielby

Producer: Lyfa

Model: Kuli

Origin: Denmark

Period: 1960 - 1970


ø. 50cm

H. 25cm

Original "Gira" table lamp. It has a cast iron base and an anodized aluminum shade that clamps onto the bulb. The arm and shade are adjustable making it a very versatile lamp.


Designers: Massada, Ferrer and Tremoleda

Maker: Mobles 114

Origin: Spain

Period: 1970-1980




w. 14cm

D. 14cm

H. 52cm

Impressive adjustable desk lamp. It has style characteristics of both the Bauhaus era and the space age era. It has a heavy steel base with a black lacquered metal shade. The shade is adjustable in angle and it can rotate. It is set on a bent plexiglass arm. It is adjustable in height.


The lamp is in good vintage condition.


Origin: Spain

Period: 1960-1970




H. 50cm

D. 48cm

W. 20cm

Shade ø. 22cm

Large round wall lamp. Made from lacquered aluminium. It has meandering rings that resemble the rippling of water. The best lighting effect is created by using a mirror light bulb. 

The lamp is in good condition with some signs of use and age. 


Diameter: 50cm

Depth: 12cm

Large modernist table lamp. It has a metal triangular rod with three wooden cube lamps. The base is made from the same style wooden cube on a black base plate. Each cube measures 8x8x8cm.


Condition: Good, rewired


H. 95cm

W. 25cm

D. 25cm


Unique handmade bird like sculpture. Made from solid lucite or plexiglass beautifully shaped with organic lines and shapes. It is set on a heavy pedestal with an integrated halogen light. It is held in place by a custom made clamp that is covered by a textured rubber ring. The figure is lit from below spreading a very impressive diffused light through the entire piece. 

Unique and impressive functional art piece. 


Period: 1980-1990

Origin: Unknown

Maker: Unknown



Total height: 140cm


Figure dimensions:

H. 70cm

W. 6cm

D. 21cm


Pedestal dimensions:

H. 70cm

W. 25cm

D. 25cm

Original mid century "Droomeiland" table lamp. Aluminum base with a glass globe.


Maker: Raak Amsterdam

Origin: Netherlands

Period: 1960-1970


Height: 42cm

Diameter: 35cm


Space age chrome and glass pendant lamp. Beautiful faceted glass diffusers give a pleasent diffused light. 
5 pendants that can be adjusted in height.



Height: 30cm

Diameter: 15cm


Ceiling plate: 28cm ø

Model Light Ball wall or ceiling lamp. Made from metal with an opaline glass globe. 


Diameter: 33cm


Designer: Achille Castiglioni

Maker: Flos

Period: 1960-1970

Origin: Italy



Model Quarto wall lamp. It has a plastic diffuser that gives both a back light and up light. Covered by a white metal body. Good overal condition with some discoloration of the diffuser.


Designer: Tobia Scarpa

Maker: Flos

Period: 1970-1980

Origin: Italy


Set of 2 B1214 pendant lamps.

Glass in its original form: formed directly from the kiln. Not blown thin like a cool industrial product but processed in its primitive beauty as ancient glass 20 to 25 mm thick. 


Height: 25cm

Diameter: 15cm


Maritime bollard table lamp. It is made from brass and wood with a fabric shade. The brass has some patina and the shade has some signs of use. No damages or dents. 


Dimensions (excl the shade)


Height: 30cm

Width: 22cm

Depth: 14cm

Shade: 24x24cm, 20cm in height

Thick dispersion glass and metal wall lamp. It holds one e27 bulb. It can be connected to a wall outlet directly or fitted with a wire and switch to be plugged in. 


3 pieces available. 


Maker: Kalmar

Origin: Austria

Period: 1970-1980

Model: Nauheim



Height: 23cm

Width: 15cm

Depth: 9cm


Post modern halogen pendant lamp. Minimalist design with a very nice lighting effect.

The plexiglass has two cracks which are hardly visible when mounted.


Maker: Dijkstra 

Origin: Netherlands

Period: 1980-1990



Width: 21cm

Depth: 21cm

Height: 10cm


Max length: 190cm


Set of 2 organic ceramic table lamps. 


Maker: Mobach

Origin: Netherlands

Period: 1960-1970

Dimensions (without shade): 

Width: 15cm

Depth: 10cm

Height: 30cm

Large cylinder shaped hanging lamps. Made from chrome plated metal and black lacquered metal. They are 39cm in length and 10cm in diameter.

Made in the 1960s. 

Space age chromed steel table lamp. The shades are made from thick and heavy glass. Very good condition.


Maker: Cosack leuchten

Origin: Germany

Period: 1970-1980


Width: 47cm

Height: 12cm

Depth: 16cm

Diameter: 14cm


Set of 2 sculptural Hollywood regency table lamps. 


Period: 1970-1980



Width: 24cm

Depth: 24cm

Height: 45cm

Large space age pendant lamp. Made from metal. The metal strips overlap each other creating a beautiful diffuse light. Most likely of Scandinavian origin.


Height: ±40cm

Diameter: 56cm

Amber glass and brass globe lamp. 

Made in Germany in the 1960s


35cm ø


Set of 2 minimalist metal wall lamps. They have a slotted metal shade set on an articulated arm. 

Maker: BUR leuchten

Origin: Germany 

Period: 1950-1960

Condition: Good


Depth: 48cm

Shade: 20x8x8cm


Illuminated earth globe. The globe is made from glass and set on a wooden base. Good vintage condition with some signs of use. 


Diameter: 30cm

Height: 42cm

Depth: 35cm


Impressive space age style pendant lamp. It has a center cylindrical shade made from white plexiglass with 12 wing shaped inserts made from clear acrylic glass. 


H. 44cm

Ø. 43cm


Large UFO pendant lamp. The glass shade is suspended on 3 chains. The chains are adjustable in length to 150cm. It fits 4 e27 bulbs. 

The shade has a diameter of 60cm.


Period: 1960-1970


Mid century table lamp. Metal base with 2 thick green glass discs. 



H. 32cm

Ø. 9cm




H. 13cm

Ø. 20cm


Space age bell shaped pendant lamp. Made from plexiglass. It resembles the "Pantop" design by Verner Panton. 



Ø. 53cm

H. 25cm



Large "Cinea" pendant lamp. Design by Renato Toso for Leucos Italy in the 1970s. The shade is made from thick Murano glass. The colour fades from transparent to white. Very good condition.




Ø. 50cm

H. 17cm

Total length. 65cm



Design pendant lamp made from plexiglass, fabric and pine wood. 


Designers: Uno & Östen Kristiansson

Maker: Luxus Sweden

Period: 1960-1970

Condition: good


Diameter: 40cm

Height: 30cm